A Movement to Repair a Broken System

The world prepares to watch a political drama unfold in a city that has shaped American history. Philadelphia: the poorest city, with the highest mass incarceration and child removal rate for any city of its size in the US. A city whose struggle is deeply interwoven with the stories of millions of Americans whose hopes rest on the outcome of this convention. Come help influence the outcome of the convention, make history and shape our future!

In a system built to divide us, a shared purpose has emerged; To unite our numbers to disrupt, discredit, and delegitimize the DNC – the Party, the committee, and the corrupt practices and policies they embody. Whether you are a mass movement for Bernie Sanders, an advocate for a 3rd Party or a platform to raise up the voiceless, together we are mobilizing to display staunch opposition to the machinery that serves the 1%. We are taking our demands to the streets, to the convention floor and to the entire nation… And we are doing it together.

MLKCourtesy of Non-Toxic Revolution

If you are done waiting for the problem to fix itself. If you haven’t quite given up yet… If you don’t want to hear about the revolution second hand… #GetHere. By any means necessary, show up like you were meant to be here and use this site to find your way. Join the various marches, protests, teach-ins, conventions, rallies and family gatherings. We may not all see eye to eye, but we will raise fists with all those who see no other option than to put humanity and the planet first!