We’re at the homestretch!!!

All event submissions have been received and layout for the People’s Guide is being done as we speak

The guide will be available online this Friday July 22nd!!!
Our guests attending Dance Away the DNC! Benefit Partaaaaaaaaaaay this Friday night will be the first to receive printed copies of the guide along with a stack of UnConventional Times to give away and get people woke! Free #SolidaritySwag for the first 25 people who come through the door!!! 

This benefit is to raise money to cover the cost of our various printed publications. In addition to a full newspaper and guide, we also screen-printed our very own original t-shirts and posters and buttons featuring the image in our profile. We kept it grassroots; handmade, DIY, donated t-shirts and no extra frills. NO PROFIT WHATSOEVER will be made from this movement. The more we get the more we can give. With that said, please consider donating to the Action Committee’s efforts.

Click here to donate!

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