What is the DNC-AC?

The DNC Action Committee is a coming together of groups and individuals offering mutual support — information on legal, medical, housing, press, transportation and other resources — for those participating in actions around the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia at the end of July 2016.  

While we have divergent political views, we oppose all we are facing: the destruction of the environment and communities through war, occupation & imperialism; repression, mass deportation, criminalization and imprisonment; racism, sexism, disability discrimination & all other forms of discrimination including on grounds of sexual or gender choice; and poverty, no/low wages & individual accumulation of wealth.  

Whether part of the movement for Bernie Sanders’ nomination and agenda, or opposing the Democratic Party machinery that serves the 1%, we are taking our demands to the streets, to the convention floor, and to the world through the media gathered here.

While the eyes of the world are on Philadelphia — the poorest city with the highest mass incarceration and child removal rate for any city of its size in the US — please join in the marches, protests, teach ins, people’s conventions, and rallies:  Humanity and the planet first!  

We don’t know what will result, but we do know that the more of us here, the more chance we have to have a huge impact.  To paraphrase the 1968 Graham Nash song for Chicago, “won’t you please come to Philadelphia – we can change the world!”