Help Us Print More!

Through our Go Fund Me page, it is with humility that the Action Committee is reaching out to our network of support for help to raise $1500 to cover the cost of:
15,000 copies of the UnConventional Times, a special edition newspaper highlighting why we dissent, which will be distributed in mass around the city of Philadelphia. $500

*** Be the first to get a copy at the DNC Solidarity Block Party this Sunday!!!***

Mass printing of the “People’s Guide” a pocket-sized pamphlet with a comprehensive schedule of events, places for participants to find rest, solace, sustenance and medical care as well a detailed map of the city that corresponds with that info. $400
 Silk-screens of the Solidarity/ Power to the People Fist for handmade posters t-shirts to sell during the convention sale (sold at only $10 each) to demonstrate solidarity and unity with each other and project the message that our resistance is alive and well. $190

Expenses from our Solidarity Block Party (block clean up supplies, drinks, cups, ice, food, canopies, kids activities, portable restroom rental) $300


The Action Committee will providing beautiful custom signs for the Black DNC Resistance March against Police Terrorism & State Repression and for the Bernie or BUST! Rally $110

Please consider making a donation so that the DNC Action Committee can help facilitate powerful, intersectional organized resistance that cannot be ignored, expose the issues that the mass media neglects to cover, and ensure that protesters are informed about where to go and when throughout the week of July 25.