Sunday 7.24

Time Location Link
Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution
801 S 48th St
Americans Against Fracking/Delware Riverkeeper Network

March for a Clean Energy Revolution

City Hall
Food and Water Watch, endorsing orgs and many contingents

De-Registration to Save the Nation


Dia de Arte para la Convecion del Partido Democrata

1537 S 6th St

Black Healing Matters: A Therapeutic Support for Youth and Families Affected by Police Brutality

3pm – 6pm
1431-39 N 52nd S

Activist Picnic – DNC Addition

Rittenhouse Park
Deep Green

Our Climate Revolution Continues

Vernon Park – Germantown
Josh Fox, Shailene Wood, Yahne Ndgo

The First Supper

200 Market St.
Equality Coalition

Democracy Spring

55 N. Broad St
Mandatory Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Trainings

During the DNC: Demand freedom for political prisoners!

5pm – 7:30pm
William Way 1315 Spruce Street
Party for Socialism and Liberation – PSL
We Need A Party Of The 99%
Church of the Advocate
Socialist Alternative

Saturday 7.23

Peacekeepers Training

9:30am – 11:30 55 N. Broad St
Bernie Peacekeepers      

The People’s Convention

10am to 5pm 320 Arch St
The People’s Revolution      

DNC Freedom School

10am – 9pm 55 N. Broad St
Arch St. United Methodist, Up Against the Law Legal Collective, Firefly Action Medics and Guests

Rally for Open Primaries/End Superdelegates

11am to 12pm 1101 Arch St
The People’s Revolution

Hoodstock: Life Do Grow

12pm – 3pm 2315 N 11th St
Philadelphia Urban Creators

Food Not Bombs – DNC Resisance

12pm – 8pm 801 S 48th St
Three Chapters of Food Not Bombs

Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution

9:30am – 6:30pm 801 S 48th St
Americans Against Fracking/Delware Riverkeeper Network

July Letter Writing

11am – 3pm 1207 Chestnut St, 2nd floor
Decarcerate PA

Lightworkers Meditation & Gathering

6:30 PM FDR Park

March for Our Lives Benefit Show

8pm – 1am 1449 N 5th St
Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

We’re at the homestretch!!!

All event submissions have been received and layout for the People’s Guide is being done as we speak

The guide will be available online this Friday July 22nd!!!
Our guests attending Dance Away the DNC! Benefit Partaaaaaaaaaaay this Friday night will be the first to receive printed copies of the guide along with a stack of UnConventional Times to give away and get people woke! Free #SolidaritySwag for the first 25 people who come through the door!!! 

This benefit is to raise money to cover the cost of our various printed publications. In addition to a full newspaper and guide, we also screen-printed our very own original t-shirts and posters and buttons featuring the image in our profile. We kept it grassroots; handmade, DIY, donated t-shirts and no extra frills. NO PROFIT WHATSOEVER will be made from this movement. The more we get the more we can give. With that said, please consider donating to the Action Committee’s efforts.

Click here to donate!

DNC Action Committee Announces Solidarity in Upcoming Press Conference

The DNC Action Committee is holding a press conference on Wednesday, July 20th at 11AM at Arch Street Methodist Church at 55 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA. The Committee and members of affiliated groups and events will be presenting on why they are taking action around the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Speakers will highlight the many kinds of inequality, oppression, and systemic violence people face in this city and beyond and the role the Democratic Party has played and what they are demanding of it and all those in positions of power. They will highlight some of the major alternative events taking place before and during the DNC that will challenge those injustices and offer visions for another, better world. Speakers will be from the following groups and events: Anti-War Truth Displays, Black DNC Resistance March, Black Lives Matter Philadelphia, Democracy Spring, Equality Coalition March on the DNC, Fair Ride Philly Coalition, March for A Clean Energy Revolution, March for Our Lives, the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice, Women Speak Out for Justice, Survival and a Living Wage for All, and more.

“While our city is spending taxpayer dollars to host a party for the rich and powerful that have been working to prop up an unjust system for so long, we’re helping gather a chorus of voices calling for real justice and change,” says Brianna Jones, an organizer with the Action Committee.

The DNC Action Committee has been building bridges between local and national grassroots organizations and movements in the last several months; housed nearly 100 visitors with 100 more spaces available; and coordinated with a wide variety of groups, ranging from supporters of Bernie Sanders to the Up Against the Law Legal Collective, the DNC Freedom School, and many others. Action Committee members printed 15,000 copies of a special edition newspaper called The UnConventional Times, which lays out, in simple language, why we dissent during these times of great strife. Copies will be available at the press conference. The Committee is producing The People’s Guide, a pocket-sized resource that lists a complete schedule and map of events as well as places for participants to find rest, solace, sustenance, and medical care.

The DNC Action Committee is a Philadelphia based coalition offering assistance to organizers and visitors taking actions around or protesting the DNC.

Everything has a price.

Through our Go Fund Me page, it is with humility that the Action Committee is reaching out to our network of support for help to raise $1500 to cover the cost of:

  • Our contribution to 15,000 copies of UnConventional Times, a special edition newspaper highlighting why we dissent, which will be distributed in mass around the city of Philadelphia. $500

*** Be the first to get a copy at the DNC Solidarity Block Party this Sunday!!!***

  • Mass printing of the “People’s Guide” a pocket-sized pamphlet with a comprehensive schedule of events, places for participants to find rest, solace, sustenance and medical care as well a detailed map of the city that corresponds with that info. $400


  • Silk-screens of the Solidarity Fist for a citywide poster campaign and t-shirts for sale (at cost – $5 each) to demonstrate solidarity and unity with each other and project the message that resistance is alive and well. $190


  • Out of pocket costs for the Solidarity Block Party (block clean up supplies, drinks, cups, ice, food, canopies, kids activities, portable restroom rental) $300


Please consider making a donation so that the DNC Action Committee can help facilitate powerful, intersectional organized resistance that cannot be ignored, expose the issues that the mass media neglects to cover, and ensure that protesters are informed about where to go and when throughout the week of July 25.

The People’s Guide

Huge thank you to the organizers and supporters who are waiting patiently to receive the first draft of the schedule of protest events for “The People’s Guide”… bear with us folks, its on its way we promise!

If this is the first you are hearing of “The People’s Guide” it is one of the primary reasons why the Action Committee exists. Its been our vision and focus to use mass distribution of this printed publication as well as a newspaper, titled “UnConventional Times” to facilitate solidarity within the separate groups/causes, inform the public why we dissent and increase participation in the various actions taking place around the convention.

The deadline for submitting your event, contingent, affinity group etc. is July 20th. Real talk, just because you created a facebook page, doesn’t mean we know about it. If you created a event in February and have given it little to no attention these past few months, or if the details of your event are unclear it will will be not listed in the guide. Unless you are a ‪#‎DNCSolidarity‬ ally who attends our meetings, we come to yours or if you’ve corresponded with someone from the Action Committee, just play it safe and send us your info. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

All we need is a link to the event page. If you not have an event page email with the title of the action, organization(s) hosting it along with the where, when and what your event is. If you do not wish to disclose certain details, respect, but please provide some information to give people to find out where to be when the time comes.

There’s just 11 days until The People’s Convention – Philadelphia, DNC Freedom School and Hoodstock 2016 at Life Do Grow… Time to distinguish the organizers from the organized.

DNC Action Committee included in plans for “Freedom School”

The Action Committee is proud to be working with Rev. Robin Hynicka of Arch Street United Methodist Church, POWER, Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence, Up Against the Law Legal Collective and other civil attorneys to provide our community and participants in July’s protests with “DNC Freedom School“. The steering committee for the school also include Cheri Honkala and organizers with PPEHRC.

Inspired by the Freedom Schools during the Civil Rights Movement to organize African Americans to achieve social, political and economic equality in the United States. These courses will include know your rights training, MLK’s strategies for nonviolent social change and interfaith speakers. Three trainings will be available leading up to an all day event on Saturday July 23rd. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016: 2:00pm-4:45pm
Saturday, July 16, 2016: 2:00-4:45pm
Wednesday, July 20, 2016: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Official DNC Freedom School Event – Saturday, July 23, 2016: 9:00am-9:00pm

All events will be held at Arch St. Methodist Church. No reservation required, all are welcome!

Check out this article in Philly Magazine about DNC Freedom School!

Protesters plan to march against the DNC ‘no matter what’


Philly Voice – JUNE 28, 2016

Make no mistake about it, there will be protests in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention from July 25 to 28 at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia.

But protesters from a variety of groups gathered Tuesday at the One Parkway Building, at 1515 Arch Street, to denounce the city’s ban on protests during rush hour – no gatherings allowed in Center City from 7 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. – and call for a shutdown of the DNC.

“We are angered by the coordinated assault on our right to protest,” said organizer Erica Mines, a Philadelphian activist who sparred with Bill Clinton during a recent visit to the city. “We plan to march no matter what the city says.”

Full Article

This Week’s Events!

DNC Action Committee Members & Allies

Weekly Schedule of Events

Can’t attend meetings and events? You can still show solidarity!

Follow the links, like, share and comment on group pages, say hi to their admins in a message, share events on your own page and invite at least 10 friends. We can work with facebook algorithms to increase visibility and traffic to the pages that matter. #DNCSolidarity

Monday, June 27th

   6:30 to 8:30 – Organizing Meeting for Shut Down the DNC

     801 S. 48th St. (Calvary Church) Corner of Baltimore Ave

 8:00 – Barricada Cultural y Vigilia por Justicia en Oaxaca

     Mexican Consulate, 111 S. 5th St.

Tuesday June 28th

   9:00am, Pack the Courts for Tyree Carroll

     Criminal Justice Center, 1301 Filbert St. Room 804
10:00am, Defend People’s Right to Protest at the DNC

     1515 Arch St.

  Wednesday, June 29th

   6:30pm DNC-AC Weekly Action Meeting

     Email us for more information…

   6pm to 8pm, Repro Health Happy Hour 

     Good Dog 224 S. 15th St.

Thursday June 30th

   7pm, March for Our Lives Planning Meeting

     1301 W. Porter St.

Friday July 1st

   Free entry at the African American Museum – All day

Saturday July 2nd

   No events planned

Sunday July 3rd

   3pm, DNC-AC Weekly Solidarity Meeting
Location TBD – Outside, weather permitting

Coming Up!!!

Know Your Rights trainings specifically designed for the DNC.
Arch Street Methodist Church, 55 N Broad Street (Corner of Broad and Arch)

Saturday, July 9: 2:00pm – 4:45pm
Saturday, July 16: 2:00 – 4:45pm
Wednesday, July 20: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturday, July 23: 2:00pm- 4:45pm